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Thank you for visiting my site.  I’ve got lots to share about me.

I was born in a Puppy-mill in the USA but I was rescued and  later I moved and live in Ireland now, in a lovely place near the beach so I get to go on lovely long walks.

I like to go to schools and visit kid’s groups with my little pal, Cuddly George. Sheila comes with us and she reads a rhyming version of my story and hands out my books.

Everyone says we do a good job and they pet us which makes us wag our tails and sometimes even do tricks.  If you want us to visit you then email us at maxandshe@maxandshe.com

Everyone gets a copy of my story, its in a book called, ‘Winston’s Tail’.

Have you read my book?   Laura Bush, the wife of one of the Presidents of the USA did and she sent me a photo of her dogs, Miss Beasley and Barney. Someone else who liked my book was a beautiful lady called Elizabeth Taylor, she’s in heaven now and she liked my book. and sent me her photo too.  The Queen of England also sent me a letter (well it was one of her ladies in waiting, I suppose she was busy that day).  You can see their letters on my PenPals page.  Hundreds and hundreds have read and enjoyed it too.

Here is a quote about my book:

"Winston's Tail is very well written and beautifully illustrated. The story is very touching, emotive without being overly sentimental. The pictures are beautiful. They add so much to the story. The story line would perhaps be a draw to people not normally open to the Gospel”.  

Vicki McCollum, Fellowship of Christian Writers Critique Coordinator.

I’ve got lots to share.  This is my pal, Cuddly George.  Just like me he was rescued by my Mom and Dad.  Mom is writing and illustrating a book about him too.  We are great chums and he always comes with me on my visits.  He’s smaller than me and I have to look after him.

And others are saying about my book:

“A wonderful story and I love the spiritual application. This book should be in the hands of every kids evangelist in the world”.

Pastor Miles Holmes.  

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