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My pen-Pals send me letters from the White House and Buckingham Palace.    

I have friends all over the world, some have sent me pictures.  Here is one from my friends, Miss Beazley and Barney.  They got a copy of my book and they really liked it. They lived in this big White House in Washington DC but they have now moved to Texas.

They are the pets of Mrs. Laura Bush who sent me a really nice letter with  her best wishes and those of their Dad, who is called Mr. President.  She also sent a big Woof, Woof! from Miss Beazley and Barney, they are not Maltese, but that is OK.

The Queen of England likes dogs too, she has lots of Corgies but they can't write.


I like to get letters from my friends so get your Mom or dad to email me or write to me.  My Mom or Dad will reply for me.