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In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  

And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us.(John 1:1-4&14)

John Wycliffe

In 14th and 15th century England, followers of John Wycliffe (the Morning Star of the Reformation) were known as either Hedgepriests or Lollards.They believed that power and authority came through a vital relationship with Jesus Christ and not through an organisational hierarchy.


They emphasised the authority of the Scriptures over the authority and traditions of men. They also taught the concept of the "Church of the Saved", meaning that Christ's true Church is the community of regenerated believers.

Their challenge was to return to the authentic Christianity of the New Testament ekklesia.

Much of what the Lollards believed is reflected in the teaching ministry of this site.   The aim is to restore the focus on Jesus and the Bible rather than the traditions of men.

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Max and Sheila are prepared to travel any reasonable distance in order to deliver the courses and assist other believers to grow in knowledge and understanding.


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Over twenty years ago we asked ourselves a question.   We asked it because the basis of Christianity is the Bible and we, as church going Christians, needed to know     -      Is the Bible truly God's word to mankind?

The Miracle of Our Origin   ----  The Mystery of Our Destiny.

If the answer was 'Yes' then we would confidently base our lives on it but if the answer was 'No' then we might as well chuck it all in and go up to the pub.

But how could we prove it one way or the other?  How could we ever prove that this collection of 66 books written by various authors over a period of 1.900 years was a communication to us from the Creator of all things?   From science we knew that the best method to prove a theory was to test it and judge it from the practical and observable results.  This we decided to do and as the saying goes, the proof of the pudding has been in the eating.

We decided to sell our home in England and go to Bible College in the USA.  From there the Lord led us to spend five years as missionaries in Hokkaido, Japan.  After this He led us to Poland for two years and then for a further five years in the USA and now we live in Ireland.

Again and again in all those years we have seen empirical, observable and practical evidence that God is faithful in delivering on the Covenant promises and assurances contained in His written word, the Bible.   The result of us stepping out in faith has been a life where miracles of healing and provision became the norm and where our faith and trust in God has been raised to higher than expected levels.

Our aim is to share our understanding and experiences so that you too can make choices that are appropriate to you and your circumstances, and begin to live a blessed and authentic Christian life.