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What makes a nation a “Christian” nation?: We hear so often that this or that country is ‘Christian’, but how do we define that?

For What Should We Contend?: We are told to contend for the faith but how do we decide what is real and what is spurious faith?

The Modern Tower of Babel: Is the search to find life in somewhere out there in the universe conducted at the cost of life here on earth?

A Pointless Debate?: When it comes to mankind's eternal destiny is the debate between Evolution and Creation Science  pointless?

Reformation or Restoration:    Is the Holy Spirit trying to reform or restore the church and what is the difference between the two?

The Last One Up:      How God has a plan and even though we can’t see it at the time, it will come to pass and we will be blessed.

Who is John the Baptist?:    When sorcerers were commonplace John witnessed to the uniqueness of Jesus. Who will do it today?

Is There A Limit To Grace?: In our desire to heed the Bible are we in danger of of imposing our cultural bias on the Word of God?

When the Gift is not Enough:   What is it that drives us to always want more and ignore the greatness of what we already have?

The Cart Before The Horse:     Using Scripture to create converts rather than to affirm their conversion gets it round the wrong way.  

Contact:       Or the reason why Sheila and Max gave up their home and jobs and devoted the rest of their lives serving God.

Oh No! He Says He’s Met Jesus:        How do you respond or react when someone says they have met Jesus?

Hope Showed Me Grace: Max shares a personal experience from his time in        the Navy as a practical example of God’s grace.

A Policeman, an Indian and Jesus: Why, even when its staring you in the face, is it hard to decide what is real and what isn’t?

Two People:       The scandal revealed when we look at two very different people, their two very different lives and their deaths.

The Monkey, The Goat and The Lions: Are you born or do you become what you are; how do you avoid becoming the dinner?

Quantum God:           Have the latest discoveries at CERN disclosed a common meeting point for Science and Religion?

The X Factor:         How do we find the ultimate treasure in life?  Is there a spiritual ‘X’ that marks the spot on life’s map?

Heresy:          The modern understanding of heresy differs from that of the early church, so who does God see as being a heretic?

Just Throw The Rope:      How much time do we spend looking at the rope while the man who needs it is drowning?  

Discerning Jesus:   The Bible tells us to look to Jesus and consider him.  To what do we look?  The babe, the Redeemer, God?

Judgement:         Tsunamis and Earthquakes keep happening which begs the question - Does God send disasters to judge the nations?

Prophets:     The Bible is quite clear as to how we determine a true from a false prophet but why don’t we apply those rules today?

New Year’s Resolution:           Resolutions are like seeds planted in January.  What sort of fruit are you expecting from your seed?

A Sacrificial Life?              We are called to offer ourselves daily as a living sacrifice (Rom.12:1).  But what does that mean for us?

Are We Missing The Point?            The point of the Law and of the Sermon on the Mount are often missed.  Do we miss it now?

Customer Service: Are we availing ourselves of the benefits of participating in the ultimate  customer service agreement?

Get Rid of the Gloss:          We look to the Bible for the truth but we can be blinded by the gloss - But how does a ‘gloss’ distort the truth?

Valentine’s Day:   A few thoughts about the wrapping of a gift.  Does it matter how it is packaged and does it apply to the Gospel?


The Resurrection:  The message of Easter.  Is it a fact or is it just a religious tradition?  Read on and decide for yourself.

What was your gift this Christmas?  The one you received or the one that you gave?  And did you give best one?

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