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In the first century the original church (Greek: ekklesia) consisted of small groups of people who came together to celebrate Jesus Christ and their new born relationship with Him.

Again and again we see in the New Testament the command to 'love one another as He loves you'.

Loving requires a relationship and a relationship is only possible through really knowing the other person.

A typical mega- church has a congregation of several thousand.

Can you have and develop a relationship with and love several thousand people?

A typical parish church has a congregation of up to one hundred.

Can you have and develop a relationship with and love eighty plus people?

However, in small group gatherings it is possible to develop close ties, friendship and fellowship and really love one another as Jesus commanded us to.

We can meet and celebrate who we are in Jesus and encourage one another in our day-to-day life with Him.

Loving and caring for each other in obedience to Him.


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