John Wycliffe

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A: Back to Bible Basics.           Nine presentations of basic information:

1.0 .Practical information;  1.1. Its history and sources;  1.2 History of Israel;   1.3 The Covenants;  1.4 .The Atonement and the Blood sacrifice;  1.5. The birth of Christianity;  1.6. Holy Spirit;  1.7. Who we are in the Spirit;  1.8. Baptism in the Holy Spirit  

B.  The Bible and the Culture.       Information supporting the Biblical position:

Faith in what?   Science and the Bible - Can the circle be squared?   Do scientific advances bring greater agreement or not?  Evolution - is it a fact or does it require faith?  What does Science say about it?  

C. The Traditions of Men.      The 1st century church and today’s church:

1. Buildings; 2. The Order of Worship; 3. The Sermon; 4.The Pastor;  5. Tithing and Salaries; 6. The Eucharist.

What are the historical and cultural reasons for the changes since the days of the early church?   Do they help or hinder the authentic Christian life?  

D.  Overcoming Traditions.   The Trinity should be the model for the church.

What is God’s model for the church?  How does it reflect God’s very nature? Does the contemporary church model agree with this?  How can we in today’s society develop a model that mirrors God’s model?

E.  The Authentic Life.         Taking the vision and creating a reality.

What are the basic needs?   How do we maintain our focus?   Overcoming barriers.

Fellowship and friendship.  Taking all that we have discussed to date and making a plan for your life.

Welcome to the Hedgpriest's PowerPoint page.

Informative Powerpoint presentations for Individuals and Small Groups. Great for Bible Study groups;    For all who are seeking authentic Christianity