John Wycliffe

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PowerPoint Presentation.   4.0

4.0  Overcoming Traditions:

The Trinity is a fundamental Christian doctrine.

The Trinity -  Father, Son and Holy Spirit -  is in community enjoying perfect and eternal fellowship.

What is God’s model for the church? The church, as the natural extension of God, should be a reflection of his character. It should reflect God’s very nature of community and fellowship?

Does the contemporary church model agree with God’s model? In what ways does it differ?

The question is  -- Did the church develop or depart from God’s original model?

To develop is to keep to an original pattern and its integral parts and expand upon them.

To depart is to move away from the original pattern, or integral parts of it, and go in a different direction.

Can we in today’s society develop a model that mirrors God’s model?

Various attempts have and are being made to develop such a model.  What are they?  Do they work?

Is there a contemporary model that reflects the nature and character of God?