John Wycliffe

2.0.  The Bible and Our Culture:  

2.1.  The Bible and Science:

At its beginning Christianity had to compete with all the established religions of the day.

In some ways that situation has been reversed in the western culture of today. For centuries the established religion was Christianity but in today’s culture it is being challenged, and for many people replaced, by other forms of spirituality.

As a result many Christians feel that their faith based on the Biblical truth is put into question in today’s society.

The  cause of this shift away from Biblically based Christianity is the change in the surrounding culture’s world view of how all things came into being, specifically the human race.  

This is what we shall investigate in this presentation.  By looking at what science itself says about evolution and revealing the problems that science has with the theory.

The origin of mankind - is the Evolutionary view a proven scientific fact or does it require a step of faith?   Science and the Bible - Can the circle be squared?  Do advances bring greater agreement or not?

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