John Wycliffe

PowerPoint Presentations.  1.0 to 1.8

1.0  The Bible:  Practical Information.

A short presentation containing very basic information foundational to our understanding of the book upon which our faith rests. How is it structured? What are the different styles of writing?  How is it viewed by other faiths?

1.1a.   The O.T. and  1.1b. The N.T.    Their History And Sources:

Two detailed presentations,the O.T. and the N.T.  What are the original source documents?  How many are there? Who was involved and what why? How did we get from the source to the translations we have today?  These answers and more.

1.2.  The Bible's History of the Nation:

How the nation of Israel descended from Abraham and where the books and the prophets fit in the Old Testament historical timeline.

1.3.  The Biblical Covenants:

From Adam to Jesus.  The method, meaning and application of the Covenant.  Who is responsible for what?

1.4. The Atonement;  The Blood Sacrifice:

A constant theme running through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation is the sacrificial shedding of blood.  Follow the Scarlet Thread from Adam and Eve to Jesus.

1.5.  The Birth of Christianity in the Bible:

The Gospels and how they relate the story.  The  activities of the early church.  The Letters, Epistles and Revelation.

1.6.  The Holy Spirit:

Who did Jesus say He is? The Trinity;  The Symbolic portrayals throughout scripture;   The Holy Spirit in in action in the Old and New Testaments;  The Holy Spirit today;   The gifts of the Holy Spirit.

1.7.  The Holy Spirit and You:

Who are you?  Are you a spiritual being? Are you just body and soul or are you body, soul and spirit? How does the Holy Spirit interact with you?

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1.8.  Baptism in the Holy Spirit:

Many people are ignorant of what this means or unsure of how it applies today. Just what does it mean? Should you expect to experience it?  If so, how and when?