Welcome to the personal pages of Max and Sheila Graham.

Who We Are

Sheila was born in Derbyshire, England. After graduating from College she worked as a P.E. Teacher for some time before moving on to work as a  cabin crew member for major UK airlines.  For several years Sheila lived and owned her own business in the Far East based in Hong Kong.  She was dramatically saved and subsequently returned to England where she attended Colin Urquart’s  Bible College at Roffey Place.  She returned to her home town where she met and married Max. After their marriage they both decided to spend the rest of their lives serving the Lord.

Together with him she attended Christ for The Nations Bible College in Dallas Texas and then graduated from the Mission’s School.  This was followed by five years as a missionary in Hokkaido, Japan where she taught the Bible and English language.  She was also instrumental in developing and running a Christian outreach center called 'His Place' in the small town of Iwanai.  From there she went to Cracow, Poland and then to Tulsa, USA.  

Her effectiveness as an evangelist and Christian writer is due in no small part to her Biblical knowledge and love of God. She has a heart for children and small furry creatures, which is perfectly expressed in her ministry into schools with Winston, her Maltese puppy, where she tells his tale of rescue and redemption.


Max was born in Yorkshire, England. He joined the Royal Navy at the age of 16 and left it at the age of 40. After a year in Saudi Arabia he and his family immigrated to the USA.  He eventually moved to New Jersey as General Manager of an international marine equipment company.  Success did not bring happiness and it was at this stage that he had a 'Damascus Road' experience and by the grace of a loving God was radically changed and born again.

On his return to UK he suffered the loss of Dorothy, his wife for over 30 years. Some time later and a few weeks before he first met Sheila, he was dramatically healed at an evening service in an Anglican church.  After their marriage he studied under the aegis of Kingdom Faith Bible College as prophetic Bible teacher.  His studies at Christ for The Nations in Dallas Texas preceded his time as a missionary in Japan and Poland.

Max has a wide-ranging experience as a Christian evangelist and teacher. He has served on Cursillo movement boards in the USA and UK. He negotiated the first use of Tres Dias movement materials in the UK, primarily to train volunteers for the Kairos prison ministry. Until recently he was the chair of the Kairos Advisory Council for the Cimarron Correctional facility in Oklahoma.

Although he has engaged in numerous front line evangelism outreach programs over the years, particularly into jails and prisons, his main focus is on writing about authentic Christianity and it's bearing on the way it is lived out. His lifelong interest in history adds an added depth and range to his writing and Biblical teaching.