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Our Latest News       Summer 2016


"But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint" (Isaiah 40:31).


In previous situations we have either been dealing with people who have no idea about Jesus (e.g. Japan) and where we have to start from the very basics or with people who have heard it all before (e.g.the USA) where we have to overcome the effects of lifeless teachings.  Here in ireland we are facing something new to us.

There seem to be three groups.  Some people think that their salvation and ultimate eternal destination depends on their membership of and obedience to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, then there are members of the Church of Ireland, some of whom place a similar reliance on the traditions of men rather than Biblical truth and thirdly there are others, who for various reasons have rejected the RC Church, and have turned to practices based on Eastern mysticism and the New Age (Reiki, Chrystals, Angelic beings, etc).

A comparatively small but hopefully growing group can be called 'the born agains'.  People who have been transformed and regenerated by the Holy Spirit in accordance with Jesus' own word in the Gospel of John chapter three.  Our task is to bring Biblical truth to the many people for whom the Bible is a closed or totally misunderstood book.  Pray for us.

It's amazing how Winston's Tail is still being effective in spreading the Good News.  Over two thousand copies have been distributed so far and always with the same delighted response.  People love the story of his rescue and deliverance from the puppy mill to which Sheila's illustrations add so much.  There are many copies in circulation in this area now and Max will soon be hard at work producing another batch.


Prayer does change things. Over the years and through many personal experiences we have come to see the value of prayer.  Every day we see the evidence of a world fallen from grace as friends and family members experience difficulties and problems, and that is when prayer comes in.     If you have any needs that we can pray for then please call or email us and we will add you to our daily prayers.


For examples of the wonderful things that God can do in an individual life be sure to check out our personal video testimonies at TESTIMONY and Max's personal reversal from the brink of disaster at RAKE'S PROGRESS.

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Sheila Runs for joy nearly every day.

Max is doing the Park Run each week

Winston and Cuddly George aren't impressed.