Grace For All?

‘Welcome to ‘Grace For All Church’.

Welcome to ‘Grace For All Church’.  We always like to greet newcomers.  Did you enjoy the service? Yes? Thank you, we try to give people what they want but we also remain within Biblical principals.  Got a coffee?  Good, let me show you around and tell you about some of the people who make up our family in Christ.

First of all there is Peter.  He is our Pastor and is such a strong and powerful example to us all.  He wasn’t always that way.  At one time if anyone challenged him about his faith he would either duck the question or deny he was a Christian.  But that is all in the past now.  By the grace of God he repented and is now one of the most outspoken advocates of the Gospel in this region.

Now that man over there is Paul.  He used to be a leading member of a seminary and at one time he was bitterly opposed to our church.  He would even try and get our members arrested and jailed, but the Lord is good.  One day Paul had a revelation and turned around and now he is one of our most active and effective members.  He is one of the leading teachers we have and he also travels a lot and has planted several new churches.

That lady there?  Yes she is another example of God’s grace.  Her name is Mary and at one time she was a prostitute on the streets in the red light district.  One day an evangelism group were in her area presenting Jesus and the gospel to one and all.  She heard, responded, repented and was wonderfully saved.  She is now a leader in our women’s group.

That man there is Matt.  He was an accountant in the local government office and was charged with embezzling a large amount from the tax revenues.  Again, and only through the grace of God, he was turned around, gave his life to the Lord and now he is in charge of the church accounts and handles all our money matters.  He’s a great guy.

You say you recognize that lady there?  Most people do. Her name is Sue Smith and she is recognized as an authority on children’s education and has written several best selling books.  You’ve probably seen her on television.  Is she involved in our children’s and youth ministry?  Oh no.  Not at all. That would never do.  You see she went through a divorce some years ago and so we just can’t use her in any position.  After all, once divorced always divorced.

So that's our family in Christ here at Grace For All.  Can we expect to see you back here next week?