The Ultimate Customer Service Agreement

The Ultimate Customer Service Agreement.

One of the basic tenets of a good customer service agreement is that the customer’s needs take priority.  However, this is far too often not the case.  For example, I used an online company to promote one of my products but when I went to my sales site there were three different versions on sale rather than just one.  

I contacted Customer Service and was told that:

(1)  There would be a delay in responding due to the heavy demand of customers needing help, and that

(2)  In any case the problem was beyond the scope of Customer Service’s ability, and so

(3)  They would pass my problem on to the Technical Department and then eventually let me know what they had to say.

I was not happy.  It seemed that the company had three problems:

     (1)      They were understaffed in the Customer Service department.

     (2)      The staff in the Customer Service department were poorly trained.

     (3)      The Technical Department had devised a system that was not user friendly and subject to hard to resolve problems.

I had started out with just one problem but now I had four.  Their problems had become my problems too.   I thought this situation deserved an irate email of complaint to the top management.  But then I got to thinking about the ultimate service agreement, the one we have with God.

The Old Agreement:

In the old service agreement (the Old Covenant or Testament) the customer (God) required a perfect service from us.  We had to conform to his every demand that we be righteous, holy and without fault and of course we inevitably failed.  The customer’s needs were not satisfied.  

So a system was set up to make up for our shortcomings and failings which included the need for a High Priest and a sacrifice upon an altar. But this too turned out to be inadequate in meeting God’s demands.

It seemed that the customer’s needs would never be met and we were powerless to do anything about it.


The New Agreement:

But then the customer came up with a way to fix the problem. His (God’s) requirements would still be the same.  We were still required to be righteous and holy and without fault but, recognizing the inevitability of our failure,  he added a new clause to the agreement.

In it he, the customer, agreed to make our problems his problems.  He agreed to to take all our failings and faults and inabilities upon himself and to deal with them once and for all.  They would never again be a factor in our relationship with him.

The Bible puts it this way: “For God made Jesus, who never sinned, to be the offering for our sin, that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.” (2 Corinthians 5:21).

Problem solved.  Perfect customer satisfaction for all time.  Whenever we fail or fall short it is covered.  No complaints, no condemnation from the customer.

                                  “There is therefore now no condemnation for those which are in Christ Jesus” (Romans 8:1).


I decided to extend to the internet company the same grace that God extends toward me.  I decided to hold back and wait for them to get their act together.

This is just the attitude God has towards us.  He waits patiently for us to get our act together, and that involves us seeing that we really can’t make it without his help.  Once we reach that stage in our understanding about life then we are ready to take up his customer service agreement, his New Covenant.

All it takes is for us to recognize that we need him and then to allow his love to enter in and transform every aspect of our lives.  He is ready and waiting and holding out that agreement towards us. All we have to do is to turn to him and ask.  

I’m so glad that I did.  How about you?