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The focus of Christianity is Jesus Christ, yet for many he has been displaced by focusing on religious practices that were unknown to the early church. The question is - Why?

If a time traveling first century Christian visited a church service today he would immediately recognises the large building, the sanctuary, the altar table, the pulpit, the priest/pastor, choir, the robes and vestments, the top down management structure and the culture of a man being superior to a woman.

Yes, he would recognise all of these things because they were part of the pagan world that he, as a Christian, had been called out of.

He would probably turn tail and head for the exit while thanking Jesus that he no longer needed any of that.                            We, on the other hand, do connect all these things to our Christian experience in the twenty-first century. Where we have a problem is in seeing how they connect to the church of the first century..

That is why this book is subtitled, ‘Why Do We Do It The Way We Do?’

Against a backdrop of world events, from the earliest days to the present, Last Stone Standing lays out how the church came into being and how many of the accepted practices of today became entrenched within it.

A must read for all those interested in living an authentic Christian life.

Winston’s story, from his poor beginnings in a puppy mill to his rescue and adoption into a loving family is a charming story in itself, but add to it the perfect analogy of the Gospel message and it becomes a powerful life-changing message of God’s love.

Measuring 5.5” x 8” with 32 pages and full color illustrations by Sheila.

                What others are saying:

"Winston's Tail is very well written and beautifully illustrated. The story is very touching, emotive without being overly sentimental.

The pictures are beautiful. They add so much to the story.  story line would perhaps be a draw to people not open to the Gospel”. 

 Vicki McCollum, Fellowship of Christian Writers Critique Coordinator.

“A wonderful story and I love the spiritual application. This book should be in the hands of every kids evangelist in the world”.  Pastor Miles Holmes.  Myles Holmes Ministries.

Winston's Tail

Last Stone Standing: